Goodbye New York I will miss you…..


Saturday September 13, 2014 Glamourela closed it’s doors in New York.  I wish I would have gotten the chance to tell each and every one of you personally but it was just not possible. Plus I can’t stand long and sad goodbyes!

Ruins my mascara!!!  And we all know how I just do not like that at all!!

Even though Glamourela is leaving New York there are still many laughs and more fun times to come. I have quite a few plans and schemes cooking up in this little twisted brain of mine! So make sure you keep checking back.

I will miss you all very much and think of you often. I would absolutely love it if you kept in touch so I can still hear about what’s going on in all of your lives. Hearing your stories really made my days so special.

I’m so grateful to all of my Glamourela Girls (and hunks)  for being so loyal.

Wish me luck in Boca Raton!!

A million sloppy kisses. Love always,



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