Price List

Waxing Services:

  • Lip/Chin/Neck or Sideburns   $10
  • Full Face                                      $32
  • Full Arm                                       $43
  • Half Arm                                      $33
  • Back                                              $65
  • Chest                                            $65
  • Full Leg                                        $70
  • Half Leg                                       $40
  • Lower Back                                  $15
  • Tummy                                         $15
  • Basic Bikini                                  $35
  • High Bikini                                  $45
  • Brazilian                                       $55
  • Vajazzling (Bling that cooch)    $15
  • *can be applied to any part of the body*
  • Tush (Cheeks)                         $30
  • Underarms                               $15

Brows & Lashes:

  • Brow Tint                                     $25~Your face will POP!
  • Brow Shaping                              $25~Big beautiful brows
  • Lash Tint                                      $40~No mascara  4-5 weeks
  • Brow/Lash Tint Combo             $50~Do you have makeup on? NOPE
  • Brow Tint w/Brow Shaping      $45~Frame the windows of your soul
  • Triple Threat                                $62 (Brow & Lash Tint w/Brow Shaping)
  • Lash Perm                                     $75~No eyelash curler for 6-8 weeks!
  • Lash Perm and Tint                    $105~No curler or mascara! Oh my!
  • Fab Four                                    $130~ You may be able to stay in bed another hour
  •               (Lash Perm & Tint and Brow Tint & shape)


Eyelash Extensions:

  • Full Glamour Set (2 hours)        $250
  • Kitty Kat Meow (corner lashes) $125
  • Touch up (2 weeks)                      $55
  • Touch up (over 2 weeks)             $75 & up
  • Lash Removal                                $40

*You will be very relaxed in your own private room with soothing music so you can fall asleep during your lash application.  I promise you will leave very happy.

100% Organic Spray Tanning:

  • Full Body                                 $55
  • “Rapid” Formula                    $62
  • Half Body                                $35
  • Face                                          $25

We use a 100% organic and vegan self tanning solution that we will customize to your liking. A light glow? You got it! Super dark, been on the beach for a month? We can do that too!!!

Within minutes we will spray you to look like a sun kissed bronzed goddess!!! No harmful chemicals and no harmful sun damage to that gorgeous skin.

The “Rapid” Formula is the same great gorgeousness ONLY FASTER!

It takes only 2-4 hours to develop. The longer you leave it on the darker you get.


You can also customize your spray tanning experience by creating your own spray tan “cocktail” by adding any of our 100% organic and vegan mixers!!

  • Pineapple Scent                          $5

You’ll feel like like you are sitting on a beach relaxing under the sun.

  • Opalescent or Gold Shimmer     $5

A sexy glow for a night out!

  • Slimming Drops                         $10

Will tone and tighten the skin and attack cellulite

  • Anti-Aging Drops                       $10

This formula will tighten wrinkles and is super hydrating to give a beautiful refreshing

and younger look to your skin.

Choose just one or all of them for a totally unique and personalized experience

Facial Treatments:

  • Hydrating Flower Enzyme Treatment   $95
  • Sensitive Skin Treatment                         $95
  • Clear Skin Treatment                                $110
  • Anti Aging Treatment                               $120



303 Fifth Avenue

Suite 803

New York, New York 10016


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