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Get Glowing Skin

Get Glowing Skin with Vit. C

I’ve been feeling like my skin has been looking really blah lately.  Valentia sent me their Even Glow Serum to try out. After thanking the heavens for such a wonderful […]

Eyebrow Products

Brow Products-Decoded: What the hell are they all for?   Recently updated !

So many different brow products to choose from.  But which one is right for you?  Well it really just depends on what your goal is.  Soft and natural? Or super […]

The best stuff ever!!!

How I beat my sun damage

Oh how I love a deep gorgeous tan.  Let me count the ways…..   Don’t get me wrong I love pale creamy luminous skin too. But there’s just something about […]

Spring Lip and Nail Colors

Drugstore finds to update your look for Spring 2015

  Aah spring time!!! Glorious spring time!!!  This is when everyone starts to come out of their caves and enjoy the beautiful weather. The sun. The flowers.  It feels like […]

Trust me!!! This works!!

Coconut and Honey Hair Treatment

Long glorious beautiful hair Who doesn’t dream about that? I know I do!! Anyone that knows me knows I’m a crazy person when it comes to my hair.  Now I […]